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Investment Property Experts

Office, Retail, Mixed Use, Apartment

At Barone Commercial Resources we specialize in selling investment grade commercial properties including office buildings, retail strip centers, mixed use and apartment buildings. We work with over 340 qualified investors, most who are either cash buyers or pre-qualified for financing with proof of funds. We position your property to bring the most value possible to the investors.

We will do a complimentary income and expense and CAP rate analysis for your property to give you an idea of what the property is worth. We will formulate the income and expense report to eliminate improper accounting procedures and errors and organize the financials to clearly convey the accurate net income to the investor in order to maximize the value of your property. If the numbers are off it could dramatically decrease the value of your property so we go over the numbers numerous times to assure they are correct and reflect the true value of the property. Once complete, we put together a professional presentation to make your property stand out to the investors.

Contact us today for a complimentary and confidential income and expense and CAP rate analysis for your property.

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